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    "Eagle Encounter"

    Russian Steppe Eagle"Have you ever wanted to witness the beauty and raw power of an Eagle in full flight? Once the flying of these birds was reserved for the use of Kings but is now available to you. Our Eagle Encounter is a unique experience where you are given the opportunity to fly our selection of magnificent Eagles, which includes; A White Tailed Sea Eagle, one of the largest eagles in the world, A Bateleur Eagle and a Russian Steppe Eagle.

    The six hour experience begins with an introduction to the ancient art of Falconry and is followed by a tour of our aviary complex, where you will be able to view other species such as a large variety of rare Owls, Hawks, Vultures and Falcons. You will then be taught how to handle the Eagles safely during an introductory lesson. The emphasis of this encounter is to be able to fly the eagles free in the Cheshire countryside. Feel their strength and see the magnificence of nature as they land on your glove. The encounter will recommence after lunch when you will continue to develop your rapport with these amazing birds."

    Price: £250.00

    "Owl Encounter"

    "Following the success of the Eagle Encounter Gift Pack we have recently made available a new session for owl enthusiasts. Fancy spending 3 hours with just owls? Well the owl encounter is for you. Cheshire WaterLife is home to a number of breeding pairs of owls and our display team has a number of species which participants will get hands-on with and fly. Designed as a fun encounter this session is also very informative and will teach guests more about this very successful family of birds. Owls you may fly free include African spotted Eagle owl , European eagle owl, Barn Owl, Snowy owl, Bengal eagle owl, Great Grey owl and Spectacled owl.

    Gift Pack includes Book, Gift Experience Voucher and introductory pamphlet in a presentation box


    Price: £99.00



    "Junior Owl Experience"

    "A must for fans of the Harry Potter books and films this experience is reserved for under 14's only and gives them the opportunity to handle and fly an owl. Lasting 1/2 an hour this session also permits an adult to accompany their child free of charge so they can record the event with photos etc."

    Price: £20.00

    "Meet the Birds"

    Sessions run from 9.30am to 12.30pm

    Price: £49.50

    "Walk on the Wildside"

    Your day begins at around 1.30pm, finishing at around 4pm.

    Price: £55.00

    "One Hour Falconry Lesson"

    Times to be arranged to suit the client

    Price: £30 per hour

    Full Day Falconry Experience

    A combination of "Meet the Birds" and " Walk on the Wildside" punctuated by lunch at the restaurant.

    Price: £99.00

    "2, 3 & 5 Day Falconry Course"

    Accommodation to be arranged by the client - we will supply a list of local hotels on request.

    Courses can focus on particular birds if the client wishes.


    • 2 Day Owl Course - £190.00 Including Lunch
    • 3 Day Falconry Course - £95 per day Including Lunch
    • 5 Day Falconry Course - £450.00 Including Lunch