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    A guide to some of the falconry equipment available from Cheshire Waterlife. Please bear in mind that as we are a Falconry Centre we welcome personal callers. This is a handy way of avoiding those nasty postage and packing charges we are forced to add. Please email or ring for availability before you travel.

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    "Mc Cuaig" - A double thickness medium-long cuff finished in buckskin. This affords good protection from all but the strongest talons and is particularly recommended for Harris' hawks. We also recommend that all leather/buckskin products are treated annually with Ko cho line grease. This affords good waterproofing and enables the glove to be kept clean.

    The "McCuaig" glove - £ 40.00 plus p&p

    Hoods made to order


    We offer a range of bags from 3 different manufacturers. The first is finished in hard wearing canvas and features double pockets, jess holding eyes and a detachable belt clip.

    "The Grogha" Hawking Bag £50.00 with detachable belt clip.

    The Bob Green Belt (n'braces) Clip

    A must for the serious field falconer. This clip suits the falconer for whom a long chase after a slipped hawk is a regular occurrence and who could do without the flapping & sliding bag that a shoulder strap affords on these occasions. No messers please!

    Bob Green Belt Clip (Custom made only) £45.00

    Blocks and Bow perches

    We offer blocks in a range of sizes. They are designed to be economical and hard wearing. The wood element is made in two pieces. The top part has drain holes to facilitate easy cleaning and will mean the standing area cannot become waterlogged. The spike is of a tough iron construction and carries a lightweight ring for leash attachment.

    The Bull (Top, centre) | The Rue (Bottom, centre)
    The Clogh-A-Doo (Left) | The Craig Macagan (Right)

    "The Bull" indoor bow perch has a heavyweight black-painted iron construction with a choice of buckskin or Astroturf covering.

    Price £ 38.00.

    "The Rue" is the outdoor version of the Bull.

    Price £ 32.00

    "The Cooraghy" is a small falcon/owl block ideal for merlins, kestrels, Barn owls etc. It has a removable Astroturf top, iron spike and stainless leash ring.

    "The Clogh-A-Doo" is a medium sized falcon block with a removable Astroturf top, iron spike and stainless leash ring.

    "The Craig- Macagan" is the largest block we supply and is suitable for many species of large owl and some smaller species of eagle. we can make larger blocks in this style to order P.O.A. This block has the removable Astroturf top, iron spike and stainless leash ring.


    Available in two sixes and are of tough fibreglass construction enabling the block or bow perch to be sited immediately adjacent to the bath. They have a none slip bathing area.

    "Ushet" Large Bath ( 30" Diameter) £36.00 + p&p "Cleggan" Small bath ( 22" Diameter ) £26.00 + p&p


    Available for all sizes of Bird of Prey and of a classic stainless steel construction.


    • Small: suits kestrel, barn owl, merlin etc
    • Medium: Peregrine, Harris, Buzzard etc
    • Large: Eagle owls, Steppes eagle, etc


    • Small "D" or "Flat top" stainless swivel £ 8.00
    • Medium "D" or "Flat top" stainless swivel £ 10.00
    • Large "D" or "Flat top" stainless swivel £ 15.00


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